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Post by Octopus on Fri Feb 24, 2012 11:25 am

We want to make our forum a safe and fun environment for everyone. The cooperation of every member is needed to fulfill this and make the forums successful. It is asked that the members follow these rules;

No Flaming,Be Respectful
-Do not intentionally hurt any one's feelings.
-Respect the beliefs of others' Religion, Political Views, and Race.
-Do not intentionally try to create drama.

No Inappropriate Content
-Do not post disgusting images, racial images, racial slurs,porn, etc.
-No swearing*
-No Posting pictures of yourself, or any person who does not want their picture posted. Do not give away any personal info besides your first name.
-No Plagiarism.
-No trolling or spamming. All of your coins will be removed from double posts and spamming.

Posting Rules
-You may not "bump" topics**
-No Double posting. You are supplied with an Edit Button.***
-No "Backseat Modding". Do not tell someone that what they are doing is against the
rules, simply ignore the post and report it to the administrator or a global moderator through a PM or by Reporting the Message.
-Only Two Accounts Per IP Address, please.

Have Fun!

Failing to Obey these rules can result in a temporary or even permanent ban of your account or IP Address.

*The words Crap,Hell, and stupid are allowed. No flaming, however.
** You may bump a topic if it is at least 24 hours old, it's your topic, and it is in either the suggestions/bug report section, The User Creations section, the guides section, or the Support Section.
***You may double post if you have a topic such as an art display to tell members that the topic has been updated. See the ** exception for bumping rules.


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